The Good Design Store was founded in 2014 on the belief that good design can solve problems and help make a better World. We stock products from companies who believe that business can be a force for good and are setting out to prove it by making sustainable products, using ethical practices, giving back to social and environmental organisations and building enduring companies using smart business practices. We exist to bring you products that are better that the status quo.


There are many elements to sustainability. We feel the key attributes of sustainable products are:

  • Made from organically grown materials such as cotton or wool
  • Made from recycled and/or recyclable material
  • Made from sustainable materials such as Forest Stewardship Council certified wood or bamboo 
  • Made from waste materials
  • Biodegradeable


Products may be certified as Fair Trade by an international fair trade body such as the Fair Trade Association of Australia and NZ.

Products may also by ethically made in that they have not been through a certification process but have been manufactured by responsible companies that are ensuring that all of their processes meet fair trade conditions such as fair pay, no child labour and good working conditions. 

Products made in a developed country such as New Zealand, Australia, US or UK can be assumed to be ethically made due to employment and health and safety laws in place. 


There are lots of products out there that don’t quite fall under the above categories but we are stocking because we believe in their mission or their message. For example we stock the Tumbleweed tees range of children’s clothing as we believe that our children should grow up exposed to New Zealand’s culture and wildlife not just animated Disney characters.

We are also huge fans of Frank Stationery and their buy one, give one model whereby every product purchased provides a child in need in New Zealand with school stationery. 

With every purchase you make you vote for the type of World our children will inherit.

Happy shopping.