Red Heke Productions

Red Heke Productions® is an independent Mum and son film team, specializing in creating ‘real’ films that nourish minds and hearts; focusing on nature, art, environmental sustainability, science and ‘kiwi’ native creatures and people.

Red Heke Productions® is based in Nelson and is 100% NZ owned and operated by Emma Heke who is the Director, Producer, Manager, Filmmaker and Marketer…she needs a PA  but can’t afford one… yet! Her young son Connor has featured in their films and manned the digital SLR camera shooting the ‘stills’ for Our Green Roadie.

In keeping with their ‘green ethos’ the DVDs have super slimline recycled plastic cases with insert covers using ECF, WMF, recycled paper.

Ideas for the original DVD, OURS® formed in 2006 when Emma noticed a gap in the market for good, doco-style DVDs for young children. She found ‘cutesy-kiddie’ type animations and non-kiwi, big budget films and didn’t want her son Connor watching them! He was 2 at the time and she wanted to create something wholesome and interesting and very kiwi! Emma woke nightly for a month with ideas pouring forth for many DVDs…the seed was sown and the journey commenced!

Emma has a background in high-school art and photography teaching (11 years) but had never even picked up a video camera before. It seemed an impossible dream! But a bit of study and a lot of hard work and lashings of kiwi ingenuity (and her very supportive mother who helped look after Connor) saw Emma’s dream realized.

OURS® was released April 2009 and OUR CREATIVE CHILDREN released October 2010. These two films for children were joined by a family/adult friendly documentary OUR GREEN ROADIE released May 2013.