Made UK

Made was born from a desire to create beautiful products using traditional, time-honoured skills and fashion led design. By working in synergy with the people and communities who create their products they aim to create positive change through the production of beautiful and unique jewellery.

The Made workshop in Kenya was founded in 2005 with a view to harnessing the talent and skills of artisans in Kenya, whilst providing a safe working environment, long-term job security and training. Since then it has grown to employ over 60 men and women. From highly skilled craftsmen and women to novices eager to learn, the goal is to create sustainable jobs, teach new skills and empower developing communities in Kenya through the production of beautiful, unique and highly covetable accessories. They believe that by investing in their team they are not only acting responsibly but are also able to create the best products possible.

Made are dedicated to using the most environmentally sound materials possible. Their signature style comes from the extensive use of reclaimed brass in the production of their products. The reasons for this are two-fold: Firstly; they believe that by sourcing materials locally they are further supporting the community within the vicinity of the workshop, including Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums. Raw materials are bought from local individuals, at a fair price, thereby helping to both strengthen the local economy and empower small businesses. Secondly; and quite simply, they believe that by using recycled materials where they can, they are behaving in a way that is both responsible and ethical whilst also producing a product that looks great and is a pleasure to wear. 

Made are a great fit with the values and goals of The Good Design Store and we hope you love their products as much as we do.


How to look after your brass jewellery:

Brass will tarnish with wear so it's important you clean it regularly to keep it looking as good as new. For those of you who don't have any Brass cleaner to hand, here are some handy tips on how to clean your Made.,

- Brass does not like to get wet so keep it away from water.

- Rub with a jewellery cloth if the brass is becoming tarnished. Soap and water and a soft brush will help shine up your brass jewellery, air dry well afterwards.

- Lemon juice can be used to clean your brass jewellery. Rinse clean with warm water before leaving to air dry and buffing to shine.

- Using a toothbrush to clean crevices is an easy cheap way to keep your brass pieces clean.