Living Light: Handmade candles from Golden Bay

Living Light candles began in 1997 housed in a small shed on owner, Cynthia Baur’s Golden Bay property. Now, with a team of 15 staff, making over 400,000 candles each year, production is in a re-purposed dairy factory just behind the township of Takaka, a small distance from the original site. 

Natural plant wax and beeswax have been staple ingredients in Living Light candles for the past 10 years. In 2009, soy wax collections were introduced and quickly became central to the range. Living Light has stopped production of all paraffin wax candles and uses only recycled paraffin, in support of its commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing.

We have selected Living Light's New Soy'd Range which is hand poured into recycled wine glass bottles and recycled Steinlager bottles.